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February 6-7 2023

Convergence of Beauty Retail, Technology, E-Commerce and Experience.

Digital disruption and a change in consumer expectations are driving a profound transformation in beauty retail. A new generation of retailers are delivering a winning combination of outstanding service and ground-breaking use of technology to deliver the memorable shopping experiences that consumers crave. The INNOCOS Summit facilitates discussion across the ecosystem including how to innovate, embrace digital and build an agile organisation, enabling you to thrive in this environment.



Spectacular keynotes

Our keynotes are top leaders and experts in beauty, technology and e-commerce.

Beauty technology startup pitch

Discover the latest technology startups that hugely benefit beauty retailers! Note that solutions may be applicable to other industries but also need to be relevant to beauty, health and wellness. Startups must already have proof of concept.

Lifelong Business Friendships

Meet and form meaningful long term business relationships with an international audience consisting of innovators, founders, beauty industry experts, brands & retailers and beauty tech startups who shape the future of beauty.

Unique venue

This is not a boring trade show, but a luxury venue with amazing wellness facilities. The 5 star venue will be announced shortly.

Unforgettable experiences

More than half of the conference time is dedicated to networking activities and experiences. This is an opportunity to connect on a deeper level and discover new health, beauty and wellness inspired trends & find suppliers that can help co-create new product lines. 

Upgraded side-events

Pricing Workshop, Beach Party, 5 senses of San Diego, Beauty Biohacks Workshops. Offsite. Our side-events are simply legendary.



5:00 PM-9:00 PM



Five Senses of San Diego*

Get ready to connect with San Diego via all five of the senses! Smell. Hearing. Taste. Sight. Touch. 
In this fun, immersive challenge you'll explore the city with a focus on the very best sights, sounds, smells, tastes and feelings. 
You'll have the opportunity to meet interesting local people and interact with San Diego's many environments. 
Dress code: dressy casual.
* Everyone is welcomed to join. Cost at your own expense. 

Last tickets!



5:00 PM


Reception will take place in the rooftop terrace, at Lanai





You will learn the following:

  • How to boost your skin’s radiance, ease facial tension, and elevate your daily self-care routine.
  • How to boost your immune system and keep high energy through the day
  • Reduce stress and increase relaxation
  • Physical and emotional recovery
  • Hormones
  • Optimizing your day - biohacking protocols from the morning to evening & much more!

7:00 AM



Victoria Ratmanova, Founder, Naturals Cosmetics, Master Herbalist, and Guide to the world of nature and sacred plants



Coffee at Lifting Station by NuFace.

Limited number of places available. Pre-registration required. 

8:45 AM


Opening remarks from the Chair


9:00 AM


Hormones and Peptides to protect health and enhance beauty

The hormones you need for beauty and healthy aging.  
Peptides as a powerful skincare ingredients that reinforce essential proteins in the skin like collagen and elastin.

Dr. Kevin Jovanovic, a board-certified surgeon in Obstetrics and Gynecology, is trained in the newest and most advanced laparoscopy and hysteroscopy surgical techniques. Laparoscopy has transformed gynecology, cutting recovery time and eliminating much of the pain associated with traditional gynecological surgery. 

9:20 AM


Build on Biohacking: How NuFACE Uses Microcurrent to Crack the Skincare Code

Tera Peterson, Founder and Jessica Hanson, CEO, NuFace

NuFACE  continues to dominate the at-home beauty device category under the leadership of Jessica Hanson, CEO and inspiration of Tera Peterson Micro-current Aesthetician and Co-Founder. Together, they bring over 40 years of expertise in beauty and wellness categories with a focus on empowering every client to look and feel more beautiful. 
NuFACE was founded over 17 years ago in San Diego and has become the leader micro-current innovation that goes where traditional skincare can’t – the muscles, to tone, lift and contour in the current and over time.

9:40 AM


Biohacking Skin with Extra Virgin Olive Oil: How Furtuna Skin’s EVOO Is Optimized For Skin

Thanks to Beyonce, J.Lo, and Gwyneth Paltrow, a shot of EVOO in the morning has become a beauty ritual for many.  But did you know that EVOO is associated with increased telomere length, which results in the regeneration of the genes that control skin hydration, skin elasticity, and your skin's ability to protect against oxidative damage?  EVOO is the cornerstone of Furtuna Skin and its powerfully concentrated formulas, and the company goes to extraordinary lengths to ensure its potency to drive unprecedented product performance.  In this session, Kim will explain why the brand takes such measures and how EVOO can transform the genetics of aging skin.
Kim Walls, CEO, Furtunaskin

Under Kim Walls' leadership, Furtuna Skin is pioneering the future through regenerative beauty and educating the world about the benefits of EVOO for skin and overall health and longevity. In her current role, Kim leverages two decades of ethnomedical and ethnobotanical expertise to help create the Italian brand's skincare formulas that deliver groundbreaking, transformative results. In just over two years, Furtuna Skin and its products have gained industry recognition with nine leading award titles, including the Travel + Leisure Global Vision Award, been organically endorsed in the media by a legion of celebrities, influencers, skincare pros and editors, and achieved an average customer rating of 4.91 stars.

10:00 AM

Collagen tasting by Tosla Nutricosmetics

Patricija Bajc is the Head of Marketing at Tosla Nutricosmetics. A company that takes nutricosmetics to another level by bringing beauty from the inside out. Tosla does this by using natural resources from the Vipava Valley and pure water from the mountains of Triglav National Park, a reservoir of drinking water for thousands of Slovenians. Water is a source of life, and its primary purpose is to ensure survival for all living organisms. This is why using clean water resources is something Tosla will not compromise on. Patricija is responsible for all marketing activities at Tosla and Nutricosmetics2030, a platform that collects and shares insights into nutricosmetics with its supporters.

10:10 AM 


10:40 AM


The secret to longevity and healthy skin. 

Skin has been largely overlooked in regard to its influence on overall health and aging. To many, the skin has been primarily related to aesthetics and beauty and has a weak connection to health and even weaker connection to longevity. But the skin is our largest organ, and the aging burden on the skin can have an impact on our overall health, contributing to the appearance of age-related chronic diseases. At OneSkin, we believe the purpose of skincare is not just to improve how we look, but to optimize our skin biology so that it is more resilient to the aging process. We create next level skin care.
Alessandra Zonari,  PhD, Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer, One Skin

Alessandra Zonari,  PhD, Co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer, earned her Master's degree in stem cell biology, and her PhD in skin regeneration and tissue engineering at the Federal University of Minas Gerais in Brazil in collaboration with the 3B's Research Group in Portugal. Her expertise is in skin regeneration, stem cell differentiation, and tissue engineering. During her period in Portugal, she co-founded Vetherapy, a biotech company that provides stem cell therapies to treat diseases for pets. In 2017 she joined the early team of OneSkin, where she dedicated her time to understanding the mechanism that underlies the aging process and to developing science-based solutions that maximize our healthspan. She is a co-inventor of five patents and has published over 20 peer-reviewed papers in scientific journals.

11:00 AM


Immunity from the inside out.

Stagnation of qi (energy) is one of the most basic causes for disease in Chinese medicine--and a lot of us have it, especially if there is chronic stress in our lives. 
Stagnation can manifest as pain in the body, digestive upset, tightness in the shoulders, chest or other parts of the body, a lump in the throat or stomach, depression of the spirit, sighing, mood swings and anger, hormonal imbalances (especially PMS) and more. 
In this session Victoria will speak about different ways to help circulate your energy and increase your focus.
Victoria Ratmanova, Founder, Naturals Cosmetics, Master Herbalist, and Guide to the world of nature and sacred plants


Victoria Ratmanova, founder and CEO of beauty brand, Naturals Cosmetics, experienced first-hand the importance of keeping your cosmetics clear from chemicals. 
She is currently finalising her study of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Amsterdam with an SNRO system accreditation, this is an accreditation at cross-master institute level. 

11:20 AM


Biotech raises the bar for clean beauty"

Brandon Ford, Chief Accelerator Director, Lubrizol

Brandon Ford is the Chief Accelerator Director of the Accelerator Program at The Lubrizol Corporation.  Lubrizol is a specialty chemical company based in Wickliffe, Ohio and is a part of the Berkshire Hathaway family of companies.  The Accelerator Program utilizes Lubrizol technology, manufacturing, and skin science expertise to provide turn key product and brand development to customers in the personal care industry.  Brandon is responsible for the growth and strategy of the program and manages its investments.  Prior to joining the Accelerator Team, Brandon was corporate counsel for The Lubrizol Corporation, focusing on M&A in personal care on behalf of Lubrizol.

11:40  AM  

The natural solution to regain your youthful appearance

Wake up sleeping muscles to lift up the skin, and relax overworking muscles for wrinkle reduction.
Koko Hayashi, Founder, Koko Face Yoga and Mirai Clinical

12:00 PM

Lunch sponsored by Lubrizol and Univar Solutions

1:30 PM


Building memorable experiences through beauty tech for consumers 

Jennifer Tidy, SVP Partnerships, MODIFACE
  • AR and AI used in retail
  • Connecting to consumers virtually
  • A digital shift in shopping behaviour
  • What is coming next for beauty tech 

Jennifer is a dynamic, results-driven sales and business development executive with years of experience in the beauty and technology industries. Jennifer is an organized, positive, and experienced business leader who inspires others, while winning over people’s confidence. She has a proven track record for successful project management, providing leading edge solutions, building strong teams to meet established targets, and driving revenue. Jennifer is a savvy negotiator, establishes long term relationships with key clients, and actively purses new business opportunities.

2:00 PM


Level up your online community engagement at every stage.

  • Getting existing customers to help you convert leads
  • Aligning Metaverse strategies to marketing funnel goals
  • Strategy to create elite “super-engagers”
  • Implementing gamification to motivate your most active fans and bring new ones into the fold

Facilitator: John Cafarelli, COO, BeautyMatter
Neha Singh, Founder & CEO, Obsess
Margarita Arriagada, Founder and CEO, Valde Beauty
Invited: Katie Welch, CMO, Rare Beauty

John Cafarelli, COO, BeautyMatter. current role at BeautyMatter. John brings this 360-degree beauty, retail, finance, and media experience together. His ethos at BeautyMatter is built on creating trust with both our audience and the clients we work with. Whether creating editorials or ideating creative marketing activations for a client, BeautyMatter is committed to “delivering what we promise”, and we measure results from the perspective of being entrepreneurial brand owners ourselves. 

Neha Singh is the CEO & Founder of Obsess, an experiential e-commerce platform enabling brands and retailers to create visual, immersive, 3D virtual stores on their websites and on metaverse platforms. She was previously the Head of Product at Vogue, where she was responsible for the product strategy and technology execution of Vogue’s digital business including content products, ad products and distribution platforms. Neha began her career at Google, where she was a Software Engineer and Tech Lead for 5 years and worked on Google AdWords and Google News. 

Valdé was founded by Margarita Arriagada, a fashion, home interiors and beauty industry veteran and champion of women entrepreneurs. Having begun as an homage to her mother’s courage and determination, Valdé has become an artistic tribute to all women. A call to action for each individual to overcome fear, strip away preconceptions and write her own destiny.

2:30 PM


The winning formula for beauty retail.

No matter how convenient online shopping has become, brick-and-mortar retail has obvious advantages. By using data to aggregate customer insights and create a multi-sensory atmosphere with value-adding experiences, you'll remain relevant, add value, and drive revenue – both online and offline. We will talk about data-driven in-store retail, in-store experiences and more.

Kelly Kovack, Founder, BeautyMatter
Agustina Sartori, Sr Director Digital Innovation & Managing Director Prisma Ventures, Ulta Beauty
Chris Hobson, President & CEO, Rare Beauty Brands
Elena Severin, Sr. Director of Merchandising, The Detox Market

Kelly Kovack is the CEO and Founder of BeautyMatter, a noted beauty authority, brand advisor and strategist. 
BeautyMatter was born from a desire to provide a fresh voice to the beauty industry. We aim to fill the void, connect the dots, and provide an informed, analytical, and compelling point of view. We love to explore limits and blur boundaries, offering highly curated news and original content by thought leaders and beauty insiders.

As part of the Digital Innovation team, Agustina Sartori leads the Innovation Experiences team; a technical, design, and product team that focuses on envisioning, building, experimenting, test & learn to discover new guest-facing experiences leveraging emerging tech such as AR, VR, AI, and more.

She also leads the Digital Innovation Fund; we invest in tech startups that are creating the latest technologies that we believe are key to the future of Retail & Beauty.

Chris Hobson, President, CEO & Board Director, Rare Beauty Brands, is an entrepreneur with 20 years of experience and results in growing global brands, in both private and public companies. Directly accountable for accelerating growth, improving profitability, gaining market share, identifying and integrating acquisitions, executive development, driving innovation and new business development in consumer products. In addition, experienced in successful start-ups including exceeding business growth plans, investor development and fundraising, talent acquisition and global expansion.

Elena joined The Detox Market in early 2017 when she was looking for a path to bridge her desire to make impactful change in the products offered in the marketplace after more than 20 years of experience in the beauty industry.  As a pioneer in Clean Beauty, The Detox Market was a perfect match! Prior to The Detox Market, Elena worked with VIOLET GREY, Fred Segal, and NewBeauty.  While at NewBeauty, Elena worked with SANDOW to develop and launch The Blend by Fred Segal, Fred Segal’s first branded product under the SANDOW umbrella. 

3:00 PM


3:30 PM


What’s next for personalization, social selling, and commerce.

New commerce trends make understanding customer behavior, needs, wants, and expectations key to retailer success in the coming year.
  • Challenges to achieving full personalization
  • Social commerce continues to evolve
  • What’s next for customer experience?
  • Meet your customers’ expectations
Facilitator: Richard Kestenbaum, Partner, Triangle Capitals
Chaz Giles, Founder, Revea
Dr. Barbara Geusens, Founder, Nomige

Joy Chen, Pure Culture Beauty
Dr. Elsa Jungman, Founder and CEO, HelloBiome

Richard is a co-founder and Partner of Triangle Capital and has been an investment banker for over 40 years. Richard has a great deal of experience advising clients in merchandising businesses, particularly in the Retail & Consumer sector.
Richard is an often-quoted expert on the retail and merchandising industries. He is a Contributor to (articles) where he writes 2-5 times a month about trends in retail and consumer. He also appears regularly in print and other media as well as industry panels and speaking programs.  

Chaz Giles is a founder of the precision skin-care brand, Revea, said that founding this brand "felt like a kinetic activation of a few of my passions: technology, strategic brand development, and diversifying the beauty and wellness industry". Chaz is a problem solver focused on innovation and growth who has been on all sides of the table: Fortune 500 brands, startup founder, and VC.

Dr. Barbara Geusens, Awards Winning Founder, Nomige.
Nomige is the first Belgian brand to offer facial care products that are completely tailored to DNA and one's lifestyle . Nomige analyzes your DNA and selects only those ingredients that your skin needs. In this way they create a product that is tailor-made and fits you perfectly. Stop your search and listen to your genes!

Joy Chen is a strategic leader, CEO board member and advisor, has a strong record of driving sales and profit growth by scaling businesses and in demanding, complex turnaround situations. I am most noted for transforming retail and marketing landscape to online and digital, and for innovative brand building. 

After moving to San Francisco and while working on the skin microbiome (AOBiome/Mother Dirt), Dr. Elsa Jungman learned that 70% of women are suffering from sensitive skin. With no relevant solutions on the market, she decided to start her company ELSI Skin Health Inc. to develop solutions for skin health. The startup has built a scientific platform with microbiome-friendly skincare products (under the brand Dr. Elsa Jungman) and recently launched a skin test that helps identify bacteria and fungi on the skin with holistic recommendations.

4:00 PM



Lead by Marisol Simard, Business Growth Strategist & Advisor 

INNOCOS determines the theme of the hackathon and split the group in teams randomly. The groups/teams consist of industry experts, founders and beauty executives. The participants work in small groups in a unique environment that encourages creative thinking and leads to surprisingly innovative new concepts, ideas, and prototypes.
The result of the hackathon is a finished prototype for an innovative product, service, or business model.  Join us for an interactive breakout session where we will create a challenge board and have an open and candid discussion about the industry.
Read more here >>>  

Marisol helps CEOs looking to reframe and challenge their brand’s marketing & innovation strategies to deliver sustainable business growth. Her proprietary methodology triggers aha moments–driving clarity on what’s to be next and how to get there.  She’s the founder and managing partner of FORESIGHT 500. Previously, she co-founded and led the packaging innovation centers for Aptar, Avon and L’Oréal Americas. She holds more than 15 patents and invented Avon’s Mega Effects Mascara, which drove $200M in revenue within 3 years. Her mantra? Be bold. Be the future.

5:30 PM


6:30 PM

Taking place at The Beachfront, this party provides the opportunity to continue conversations whilst enjoying the view in all its glory at sunset. Kick off your shoes, relax and enjoy San Diego's renowned hospitality! 

7:30 PM

Reservation is made for all speakers and VIP ticket holders.
Get ready to connect with San Diego via all five of the senses! Smell. Hearing. Taste. Sight. Touch. 
In this fun, immersive challenge you'll explore the city with a focus on the very best sights, sounds, smells, tastes and feelings. 

*A few places may be available for general admission ticket holders. Ask to sign up at the Summit registration desk. Costs are at your own expense.

Last tickets!



7:45 AM


9:00 AM


Sponsored presentation will be confirmed shortly
Thomas Flatley, Global Brand Manager, Univar SolutionsTom Flatley is the Global Brand Manager for beauty and personal care at Univar Solutions. With a chemistry background and 10+ years in scientific/technical sales, Flatley is recognized for his perspective on market dynamics and complex challenges that occur throughout the product development process. He leads a global team focused on helping brands at every stage grow organically and exponentially, creating bespoke solutions from concept through to commercialization.  

9:20 AM


Win with Gen Z: How Neutrogena took to TikTok and Connected with Culture

How did a 93-year-old brand show up, address misinformation, and win relevance with Gen Z? In 2020, Neutrogena sought out Movers+Shakers, “the best agency in the world at TikTok” (Adweek) with over 250bn views, to help it connect with Gen Z culture and recruit a new generation of fans. Three years in, the brand has garnered billions of views, and 1.5 million likes on its TikTok channel, and launched an edutainment property (SkinU) that’s effectively engaging Gen Z fans.

Join us for a discussion with Roberto Khoury, SVP - Neutrogena, and Evan Horowitz, CEO at Movers+Shakers, to learn how Neutrogena is winning with Gen Z and find out how your brand can too.

Roberto Khoury, Senior Vice President - Neutrogena, Neostrata, Clean & Clear, Rogaine - Johnson & Johnson Consumer Health
Evan Horowitz, CEO & Co-Founder, Movers+Shakers 

9:40 AM



How to adapt your pricing for inflation.

Daniel Langer, Founder and CEO, Équité

 Dr. Daniel Langer is founder and CEO of Équité, a leading global branding and brand strategy firm that elevates brands to increase their revenue, profitability and brand valuation. Daniel is an authority on premium, luxury and beauty brands and serves clients in many sectors, also including fashion, luxury, accessories, hospitality and services (B2B, B2C). He holds a PhD in luxury marketing, is author of several top-rated books on luxury management in English and Chinese.

10:00 AM


The future of work

A discussion about how the landscape has fundamentally changed. How  workers and the workplace continue to evolve post "The Great Resignation". It's a topic that keeps many CEOs up at night as they make decisions on who to hire, how to retain talent, and when to outsource in order for their organizations to thrive today while they prepare for the future. This panel focuses on the benefits of fractional teams and tapping the gig economy for maximum results.
April Uchitel, Co-Founder, THE BOARD
Kelly Atterton, Beauty Director, C California Style magazine
Jennifer Ritter, Founding MemberFounding Member, THE BOARD 

April Uchitel Co-Founder and CEO, Brand Strategy, Retail, Partnerships, The Board

“As a brand builder, who’s worked with 100’s of brands across Fashion, Tech, & Beauty, I’ve seen numerous growth challenges first hand. Opportunities, roadmaps, & budgets are constantly shifting & the freelance economy is nimble & has more powerful talent than ever. We created The Board to bridge the gap.”

Kelly Atterton is an experienced Beauty Director, currently at C California Style Magazine, and prior to that spent 17 years as West Coast Editor at Allure Magazine and VOGUE. She is a highly sought after beauty brand consultant and is launching her own skincare brand targeting teens later this year.

Jennifer Ritter, founder of JSR&CO and former Estee Lauder Alum, is a  forward-thinking business leader, product developer, marketer, and creator who specializes in executing innovative concepts and transitioning beauty brands to clean and sustainable standards. Jennifer takes brands from concept to completion and has led the development, launch and growth of brands such as the HAUS Laboratories, Rosebud Women, Facile Skin, AppleDoll, Buzzfeed, T3 Micro, and more. 

10:30 AM


11:00 AM


Technology, Transparency and Blue Beauty 

Jeannie Jarnot, Founder and CEO, Beauty Heroes
Shannon Goldberg, Chief Zero Waste Officer, Izzy
Candice Lawton, Senior Manager of Business Partnerships, rePurpose

Ben Gilbert, Head of Commercial, Provenance

Blue Beauty is a global movement, started by Founder of Beauty-Heroes, Jeannie Jarnot, to celebrate beauty brands striving to make the planet better and the conscious consumers and early supporters of the companies paving the way. Beauty Heroes inspires brands to Live Lighter. While all of the brands featured at Beauty Heroes meet the highest standards in ingredient sourcing and transparency, efficacy and luxury, they celebrate pioneering brands that are pressing forward with innovative packaging solutions and planet-positive initiatives that support a bluer, more beautiful planet. 

After having accruing almost 2 decades in beauty, innovation and product development, Shannon Goldberg founded Izzy with the goal of creating a zero waste beauty brand that would contribute to a brighter future for her nine-year-old daughter, Emm.

“As a Millennial mom, I wanted to provide my daughter with truly sustainable beauty options,” explains Shannon, “ones that would go beyond the standards of the current clean movement.”

11:30 AM


Social commerce and the power of user generated & influencer content on sales.

Facilitator: Claire Chang, Founding Partner, igniteXL Ventures
Sylvan Guo, Co-Founder & COO, Hue
Nicole Collins, Founder and Chief Hustler, Project Next Unicorn
Lucy Quick
, Influencer & Community marketing team lead, BuyWith

Claire Chang, Founding Partner, igniteXL Ventures
For over 20 years, Claire has brought her global marketing expertise to both established and startup companies in Silicon Valley and Korea. Claire formulates and executes global marketing strategies for her clients with a personal understanding of the unique challenges entrepreneurs face as they bring new ideas, products, and services to the global market.

Sylvan leads brand and creator partnerships at Hue, a social commerce technology company on a mission to help every shopper feel confident when purchasing beauty online. Hue's solution plugs-in user generated content on brand and retailers websites, where customers can see video reviews, education and tutorials from a community of real people who share the same skin tone, skin type, hair type and other beauty characteristics as them.
Hue has partnered with beauty brands and retailers such as Credo Beauty, Lawless Beauty and more. Hue is a winner of the ELLE 2023 Future of Beauty Awards, Forbes 30 under 30 in Retail & E-commerce and WWD x Unilever Prestige Project Connect.

Since 2012, Nicole has been disrupting the beauty industry by propelling dynamic start-up companies to prominence.  She's a forward thinking marketing expert and storyteller with deep expertise in social commerce.  She founded the brand partnerships team at ipsy, a company that helped launch the creator movement in the USA, before co-founding YUME, a company taking American beauty brands to China.  In China, Nicole learned about the potential of social commerce and witnessed best practices from some of the most dynamic companies and creators.  She's since consulted with and advised social commerce companies in the United States including Talk Shop Live, Supergreat, FLIP and Creatable.  Nicole is an entrepreneur with a highly creative mindset who advises and consults for the beauty industry's most innovative start-ups. 

11:50 AM


Sampling 2.0: changing tactics for a 21st Century consumer

Sampling 2.0: changing tactics for a 21st Century consumer
Consumer shopping habits have changed, and brands need to make sure they reach their customers where they are. You can't smell the internet, and in this presentation Jonny Grubin, Founder & CEO of SoPost, the leading e-sampling company, will discuss how to leverage product samples to reach consumers, drive sales, and achieve business goals.

Jonathan Grubin is the Founder and CEO at SoPost which assists brands with running the most impressive and successful item examining efforts on the web, with an emphasis on importance, information and investigation.

SoPost draws in with shoppers through online channels, for example, web-based media, influencers, substance and client relationship with the executives.

12:10 PM

The Bold New Vision for Beauty
Speaker will be announced at the conference

12:30 PM


Myung Sung Moving Meditation 

Myung Sung Moving Meditation deeply affects all organs, joints, and muscles. When properly executed, the movements will greatly increase flexibility, speed, and coordination. Myung Sung directly affects qi - the vital energy of the body -where the proper flow of qi is known to be necessary to maintain health. During each movement, energy flows through the body through a network of 20 meridians that run throughout our body connecting to all of our organ systems. When our meridians are blocked, qi does not flow properly, and this is what directly leads to illness and discomfort. Myung Sung Moving Meditation + sound bath stimulates this flow of qi through the body and organs. Through movement, breathing, and sound it works to enhance and maintain flexibility and mobility of the spine. Utilizing the sound and vibrations of the gong to enhance the benefits of the movement and meditation practices, this hour-long practice rebalances our qi for an elevated mood, calmer mind, regulated digestion, and a boosted immune system.

Myung Sung Moving Meditation consists of simple and effective techniques rooted in QiGong that have been passed down for centuries to help:

  • Calm stress and anxiety
  • Clear and focus the mind
  • Improve circulation and oxygenation
  • Elevate mood
  • Regulate digestion

These techniques can be done anywhere by anyone.

In Myung Sung, the freedom to move while you meditate is not just an accommodation for our busy lives, but a key element of the practice. This is a key part of Living Meditation. Movement strengthens our mind-body connection, increasing the flow of qi, and helping us learn to feel the natural energy that exists within and around us.

Dr. Jenelle Kim, Founder, JBK Wellness Labs

Dr. Jenelle Kim, founder of JBK Wellness Labs, and Author of Myung Sung: The Korean Art of Living Meditation will lead you on a guided journey of moving meditation and gong sound bath. These movements have been passed down in Dr. Kim's lineage combined with the healing powers of sound bath led by the sound sanctuary. You will feel a sense of a rebalanced mind, body, and soul. Movement and sound will allow you to immerse yourself in frequency and will create a meditative state emitting healing brainwaves and you will leave this event feeling rejuvenated, rebalanced, and energized! 

11:50 AM


After conference ends, we will gather in the garden of the lunch restaurant: High/Low, which is located at the same level as Lobby of the Mission Pacific hotel. The restaurant garden has beautiful view on the beach, easy loungy set up and good food. 
*Cost at your own expense

Oceanside Pier is a must-see during your visit. Standing at a breathtaking 1,042 feet long, Oceanside Pier is the longest over-water wooden pier on the West Coast. Around the clock, the pier area is buzzing with activity from visitors taking a leisurely stroll, fishermen coasting a line, and surfers catching waves. 

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What's next?

INNOCOS team is holding open casting calls for more innovative beauty technologies startups, to be presented at the next INNOCOS summit. The Founders/CEOs selected, will have an opportunity to introduce their solution and explain how it solves key industry challenges. Participants will be featured and promoted before, during and after the event.
Some of our past participants videos: