Beauty and wellness industry innovators will meet on July 6-8 in Monaco at the INNOCOS summit to talk about the next evolution of the digital age and how to solve common challenges in beauty. 

Our partners:

Metaverse, Biohacking, NFTs & Radically Changing Retail, Consumer and Employee.

💎  with 3 hours METAVERSE Workshop and BeautyTech Startup Pitch Competition!


19:00 Dynamic Meditation with Victoria Ratmanova.
Victoria Ratmanova, Founder of Natural Cosmetics brand, she is also a specialist in oriental medicine, instructor and practitioner of dynamic meditations and breathing practices to restore psycho-emotional balance and health. By profession, she is an herbalist and the author of the course “home first-aid kit from herbs”.
21:30 Welcome Reception in Marriott Monaco & Book Swapping Ice-Breaker.
Would you like to bring a favourite book? New or used, preferred category – business and personal development. Sign your name and if you wish, how to reach you. And we can help you to wrap it and you can write a little note that talk about why you loved the book (but didn’t reveal the name of the book). The book swapping will take place at the welcome reception. Sounds like fun?


7:00 Session with Sadhu Boards


9:00 Opening from the chair of the day

Building memorable experiences through beauty tech for consumers 
Jennifer Tidy, SVP Partnerships, MODIFACE
  • AR and AI used in retail
  • Connecting to consumers virtually
  • A digital shift in shopping behaviour
  • What is coming next for beauty tech  
9:30  Consumer Trends Shaping the Future of Beauty
In this session we will discuss the latest, hottest & most profitable beauty trends, and shifting global dynamics. We will dig into emerging consumer, shopper and retailer trends data, groundbreaking innovations and attention-grabbing marketing
Invited: Marie-Eve Schroeder, Director of Sales DACH, META

10:00  Top Global Consumer Trends and Implications for Business  
Irina Barbalova, Global Health and Beauty Lead, Euromonitor International
Radical lifestyle shifts are transforming the consumer landscape. From resilience and adaptability amid adversity to relinquishing control and embracing uncertainty with more intentional, mindful and ambitious decisions. The session will explore evolving consumer behaviour, motivations and values and the impact those factors will have on business strategy moving forward.
11: 00 The Convergence of Physical, Digital and Metaverse in Beauty.
Gina Gulberti, Vice President of Marketing, Launchmetrics
Speaker Bio: Gina Gulberti is the VP Marketing at Launchmetrics, where she leads their digital marketing strategy dedicated within the Fashion, Luxury and Cosmetic industries, present in several markets. Previously, Gina led social media and communications of Infoempleo and was also part of the marketing team at, a Tripadvisor company. In her free time, she is the co-founder of - an online platform dedicated to Spanish B2B marketing professionals, as well as an active member of the education programs in prestige business schools such as IED, ISEM Fashion Business, and previously ESIC. 

10:30 Morning Break
11:20  KEYNOTE  METARETAIL, how Chinese brands activate stories in metaverse.

Tanguy Laurent, Co-Founder, Managing Partner, Strategy Director, Creative Capital 

11:50 PANEL Digital Fatigue and Insight Into Programmatic Direct Mail Retargeting
With 97% of website visitors leaving without buying or filling out a form, finding a tool that reliably works to bring those visitors back. While digital retargeting can be effective, it also suffers from not reaching its target. Direct Mail Retargeting blended with Email  has been proven to be a clever, cost-effective, and reliable way to reach lost website visitors and bring them back to convert.
Fireside Chat: Grace Fodor, Studio 10;  Emma Powell, Rebel360
12:20 LUNCH


Facilitator: Sebastian Kraft
Coach & Consultant for E-commerce & Digital Marketing 

INNOCOS determines the theme of the hackathon and split the group in teams randomly. The groups/teams consist of industry experts, founders and beauty executives.
The participants work in small groups in a unique environment that encourages creative thinking and leads to surprisingly innovative new concepts, ideas, and prototypes. The result of the hackathon is a finished prototype for an innovative product, service, or business model.

Join us for an interactive breakout session where we will create a challenge board and have an open and candid discussion about the industry. Read more here>>


15:30 Afternoon Break

Beauty Technology Startup Pitch.

INNOCOS team is holding open casting calls and will narrow down their list of contestants to at least 5 pitches (or more if time will allow). Each Founder/CEO has 3 minutes to introduce their solution and explain how it solves key industry challenges. Our judges will evaluate each technology with pointed questions. The audience and our judges will rate each startup, with a Judges’ Choice and Audience Choice winner announced at the end, who will feature in marketing activity in the run up to the event and in the post-show report.
We invite to apply all Technology Startups who's products or services can bring a new Retail experience in  Beauty, Wellness and Healthcare.  Early-stage startups accepted with POC.
As applications collected, we will recognise technology startups that represent some of the most exciting innovations in/for beauty!  And this panel will be presented at INNOCOS, in person and streamed virtually. 
At the end of each pitch, judges will give scores to each participant based on 3 criteria (customer validation, execution and design, business model validation). These scores will be combined into one winning score and the winner of the pitch will be announced at the end of the event. 

Judging panel: 

  • Joël Palix, Founder, Palix Unlimited
  • Xavier ORMANCEY, Head of Global R&D Dermocosmetic & Personal Care, Pierre Fabre
  • Maylis Joppé, Vice President Global Marketing & Innovation, Adviser, Board
  • Jeremy Basset, Founder and CEO, Co-Cubed
  • Michael Schummert, CEO & Founder | Board Advisor | Angel Investor
Spotlight finalists will feature in marketing activity in the run up to the event and in the post-conference marketing.

17:00 Free time

18:30 Networking Reception & Oculus 2 Experience

19:30 Speakers and VIP Dinner.
Dress code: Glamor.

For women, this is simple: Wear your heels, your most fabulous jewelry and that little or long black dress. Blow dries and manicures go without saying. For men, it's a bit harder. Glamorous, or Dress Up, technically means neither Lounge Suit nor Black Tie.
21:30 - 22:00  Fresh Night Routine by Freedge and Meditation 



7:30 Guided Breathwork with Victoria Ratmanova for a Quick Energy Boost
Some simple breathing exercises might be what you need to give you a natural energy boost and kick off your day. Breathwork is one of the eight limbs of yoga and a foundational part of any yoga practice. Pranayama, (“Prana” translates as life energy, and “yama” means control), is a practice of controlling our breath to affect the flow of energy, stress, bliss and emotions in our body.Victoria Ratmanova, Founder and CEO, Naturals Cosmetics.  
9:15  OPENING remarks

Reimagining Retail Commerce in a New Normal  and Challenges in 2022
Facilitator: Massimo Volpe Co-Founder, Retail Hub
10:00 PANEL
Geroscience, the promise of extending years of health and youth
Xavier Ormanchey, Head of Global R&D Dermocosmetic & Personal Care, Pierre Fabre

10:30 Morning Coffee / Tea Break


11:00 The sustainable transformation: and how to interact with the conscious consumers
Eva Lagarde, Founder, re/
 Are "green" claims really better for the environment? How and why the "simplistic" claims that are flooding the market are damaging the beauty industry and borderline greenwashing. How to be more authentic with consumers while remaining true to your brand ethos? How is the era of educational marketing enabling brands to regain consumer trust? What advice for more relevant marketing and environmental claims.

11:20 Three Different Sustainable Ways to Produce Ingredients from Living Organisms.
  • white biotechnology
  • green biotechnology
  • blue biotechnology
Xavier Ormanchey, Head of Global R&D Dermocosmetic & Personal Care, Pierre Fabre
Facilitator: Laurence Caisey, Co Founder, Les Cosmétiques Frais Freedge, Founder, Boostinnov
Participants: Boris Oak, Purpose Driven Entrepreneur | Founder and CEO at EVOLVh and RUVI

Alexandre Vidal, Managing Director, Balade en Provence,
Shirley Billot, Founder and CEO, Kadalys

12:20 LUNCH


14:00 WORKSHOP by Daniel Langer,  Founder, Équité
Winning in the Metaverse. Brand strategies to lead the change in a new disruptive world.
Named one of the “Global Top Five Luxury Key Opinion Leaders to Watch,” Daniel Langer is the CEO of the luxury, lifestyle and consumer brand strategy firm Équité, and the executive professor of luxury strategy and pricing at Pepperdine University in Malibu, California. The rise of Generation Z and the ever-increasing influence of the Metaverse mean that beauty and lifestyle brands need radically change their game – to one that fuses physical and cyber fantasies – to drive desirability in a fluid fashion across digital and physical consumer experiences.
The workshop will provide deep insights into the Metaverse (including NFTs), implications for brands (including strategy and pricing), and strategies to win in the new reality. Price: Eur 995


14:00 5 senses of Monaco
Get ready to connect with Monaco via all five of the senses!
Smell. Hearing. Taste. Sight. Touch. 
In this immersive challenge you'll explore the city with a focus on the very best sights, sounds, smells, tastes and feelings. 
You'll have the opportunity to meet interesting local people and interact with Monaco's many environments.

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