As the world slowly begins to emerge from the Covid crisis, and economies start to reopen, we have a clearer understanding of how lockdowns profoundly impact on the way people live, work and relate to each other.
All areas of life have been affected, from how we shop to how we entertain ourselves. With the continued economic uncertainty, and with our accelerated dependence on technology and digital media, we are seeing seismic shifts in consumer behaviour and will continue to do so – in some cases, for years to come.
At the Innocos Life After Covid; The New Normal conference, you can join beauty innovators, tech leaders, disruptors and inspirational speakers to gain insights into the emerging trends in technology, consumer behaviour, retail and product innovation that are set to reshape the beauty industry.

YOU WILL HEAR in person how to keep ahead of the curve, and be at the forefront of innovation and macro trends, with a mix of talks, panel discussions, case studies and workshops, covering five key topic areas: Technology Innovation, Retail Disruption, Consumer Dynamics, Marketing Trends and Product Innovation. 

Unforgettable Experience Guaranteed !

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Winning in the New Normal

Wed, Nov.17

18:00 Welcome drink and registration

Thu, Nov.18
8:45 Opening from the chair of the day
The Future of Beauty: How AR and AI is Powering the Digital Revolution
This session will explore the powerful ways augmented reality and artificial intelligence technology is accelerating digital transformation in the beauty industry. With +350 top beauty brands using Perfect Corp.’s virtual try-on solutions to drive customer engagement, this technology is set to become an
essential component of brand digital and in-store experiences.
In this session, Wayne Liu, General Manager of Perfect Corp., will share valuable beauty tech insights
  • The role of AI in creating personalized experiences across the omni-channel shopping journey
  • Success stories from brand partners who have leverage virtual try-on technology to drive
  • increased customer engagement and sales
  • The future of beauty retail and the importance of beauty tech in digital transformation
Customer insights and shopper behaviours post COVID and trends for 2022 
  • Death of the Cookie,
  • Tracking Users,
  • Data Driven and Just in Time Marketing,
  • Technology enabled,
  • Content powered.
10:00 PANEL
New Consumer Dynamics: behaviour shifts, shopping dynamics, seamless spending, collective activism.
  • Digital beauty boom continues
  • Virtual beauty shift, data mining and digital investments
Aaron Chatterley, Founder, Feel Unique
Marie-Eve Schroeder, EMEA Sales Director, Facebook
Moderator: TBC
10:30 Morning Coffee / Tea Break
11:00  KEYNOTE
Wellness Redefined – Back to Basics, Digitalisation and Emotional Health.
Irina Barbalova, Global Health and Beauty Lead, Euromonitor
Radical reinvention and product trends we need to be aware off for 2022.

Laurence Caisey, Co-Founder, Freedge

Biohacking, epigenetic, “follow the science”
Biohacking, epigenetic, and unique approach for unique skin.
Barbara Geusens, Founder, Nomige
12: 10  PANEL The journey to Net Zero through Cradle to Cradle design principles for packaging solutions.
We invite brands to discuss how do these work in practice to make your products, business & consumer engagement more profitable & effective.
Jo-Anne Chidley, Founder, Beauty Kitchen, more speakers will be confirmed shortly. Invited: Lush, L'Oreal, Unilever

12:20 Lunch.
14:00 Changing for an outdoor activities (brainstorming) or packaging workshop, small groups, reservations required.
Stream A.
PACKAGING WORKSHOP (Booking required)
Beauty products for circularity * by Eva Lagarde, re-source
Discussing challenges with the recyclability and refill-ability of beauty products.

*The workshop is limited to 20 seats and need to be booked while registration for summit. Additional fee € 350,-
Stream B.
Winning Collaborations **
Facilitator: Tanja Rieman, hej!ROCKIT
** Collaborations proved to be effective tools for driving spikes in sales. The goal with this session is to exercise and maybe even come-up-with real collaboration deal with a randomly selected industry colleague!
You will be briefed by our facilitator, Tanja Rieman about what is important for starting a collab and how to assure you will achieve the win-win-win.

14:30 Choose your stream 

Our health and safety protocols

At INNOCOS events, the health and safety of attendees is our top priority. We’ll be following a series of guidelines and protocols to ensure that we’re able to bring together our community of media and marketing leaders safely. While they will vary slightly from event to event, here’s some of what you can expect:

  • Rapid testing will be required for all participants daily, or only once at the entrance if you have a proof of vaccination.
  • Masks will be required indoors. All attendees will be required to wear masks indoors.
  • We’ll hold as many functions outdoors as possible. While it will vary slightly depending on the venue, look for outdoor panels, meals, working groups and networking experiences.
  • There will be a cap on the number of registrants. Each INNOCOS event will be limited to a safe number of attendees that will vary depending on the venue.
  • When indoors, expect social distancing. Social distancing measures will be enforced indoors and throughout the venue.
Fri, Nov. 19 
8:00 Morning  Break
8:45 OPENING remarks from the chairmen:
Sebastian Kraft, General Manager & Founder, Nordic Naval

Building Gen Z first brand
Timothy Armoo, CEO, Fanbytes
9:20 PANEL 
Social Selling
Discussing, shoppertainment, DtC, livestream selling, return of in-store.
Invited: Douglas, Sephora, Accenture

9: 50  PANEL 
Changing face of Social Platforms and Channels and the need to Upscale your Marketing Play 
Covering social audio: Clubhouse, Spaces, Live Audio Rooms / Soundbites, Boombox etc (with uptrend in Podcasting), Live Streaming etc.
Sebastian Kraft, General Manager & Founder, NORDIC NAVAL 
10:30 Morning Break
11:00 KEYNOTE  Social Media for brand loyalty and repeat purchases 
  • With so many brands appearing, engaging customers in REPEAT purchases vs acquisition of new customers is becoming extremely expensive
  • E-Gaming brand integration - useful or not. The E-gaming market is growing - is it a sustainable channel to invest in, brand integration etc - worth it? Twitch…
  • With so many opportunities and channels (TikTok, twitch, clubhouse, marketplaces, collaboration), how not to dilute all your resources and stay focused. Don’t dabble in everything, you will achieve nothing.
11:30 PANEL
12:00 PANEL
Beauty of Mental Health - The Intersection of Beauty and Mental Health
Discussing how beauty brands are responding to mental health struggles Exacerbated By The pandemic and ongoing racial inequities
Speakers TBC
12:30 Lunch
14:30 -17:00
We will arrange 3-4 wellness related activities, divide you random in smaller groups and rotate them during the 2 hours experience.(may have last minute changes)
1. Herbal Medicine Masterclass with Victoria Ratmanova, CEO, Naturals Cosmetics.  
2. A social media mastermind: live-streaming product videos with Natalie Ferrara.
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