Hackathons have become increasingly popular in recent years as a modern tool for innovation. It is a concept in which solutions for complex problems, products, and services are developed within a short time.

Benefits of a Hackathon: Why it pays off for every company
More and more companies are discovering diversity as a strength. This also increases the innovative power. After all, alternative perspectives result in more and better solutions. A hackathon is a relatively simple and resource-saving way to tap into the creativity of the developer and maker scene. At the same time, participants gets away well from the office, mixed with delegates with different expertise and this helps to come with most creative and practical solutions which can be implemented immediately when back in the office.
The role of the hackathon in the innovation process
The word hackathon is a combination of the words "hack" and "marathon" where hack stands for experimental, creative problem solving with a playful approach and marathon stands for the duration of the event. The hackathon has its origin in software and hardware engineering, but the concept is now also successfully applied in other industries for developing innovative solutions.

How it works?

INNOCOS determines the theme of the hackathon and split the group in teams randomly. The groups/teams consist of industry experts, founders and beauty executives.

The participants work in small groups in a unique environment that encourages creative thinking and leads to surprisingly innovative new concepts, ideas, and prototypes. The result of the hackathon is a finished prototype for an innovative product, service, or business model.

Join us for an interactive breakout session where we will create a challenge board and have an open and candid discussion about the industry.

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