Kadalys - winner

Kadalys is our Blue Beauty Brand of the year. This brand is founded by Shirley Billot, who grow up in Martinique. Coming from this region, she has seen an opportunity in the banana export industry and through her vision and work, she is diverting tons of agri-waste into new innovative ingredients while creating a new biotech industry on this remote island. Her vision, persistence and innovations will transform the banana industry for decades to come.

Kadalys is more than a beauty brand, it is a manifestation of the blue economy, tapping the full value of what nature has to offer, with a social impact that creates jobs and opportunity as well as the advancement of an industry. 


AYUNA – winner

AYUNA, through incredible persistence, developed a zero-waste packaging innovation in the luxury beauty category with their development of Terra - a ceramic jar that houses their limited-edition product formula. The ceramic jar, which is a piece of art, can literally be returned to the earth, without any processing. The requirements to make this packaging innovation successful to house their formula were substantial and deserve recognition as this year’s winner for Zero Waste Innovation. 
Upcircle Beauty - runner up

Upcircle Beauty has emerged as the leader in up cycled ingredient sourcing diverting tons of agri-waste from landfills and helping coffee shops, flower shops, chai and juice manufacturers and more become circular businesses by upcoming their byproducts and turning them into beneficial skincare products. They have set an example of how to innovate and turn a problem into an opportunity that is win-win-win for the consumer, company and the planet. 


Beauty Kitchen - winner

Beauty Kitchen has demonstrated a clear commitment to circular beauty and personal care through their return-refill-repeat program in Holland and & Barrett stores in the UK. Beauty Kitchen also helped launch the first refill program in a major retailer, Boots, pushing the industry forward by inspiring this program. Through their efforts, Beauty Kitchen is helping to make Glasgow the first zero-waste city in the UK. 

Freedge Beauty - runner up

Freedge has demonstrated remarkable innovation in sourcing fresh ingredients from local farmers to create fresh-pressed skincare products that are delivered in fully reusable, circular packaging. Their innovation in product development, distribution and packaging is paving the way for a new wave of fresh, clean and circular beauty. 


Innersense Organic Beauty - winner
Innersense has addressed their responsibility for their environmental impact head on. Through their efforts as a 1% For the Planet Company, their partnership with the Plastic Bank and newly pending B-Corp status, they’ve developed a comprehensive program that works to make a positive impact on the environment. For example, when becoming plastic proactive, they  went beyond off-setting their current plastic use but went back and removed the equivalent of 5 years of plastic from the environment, while moving their packaging to 100% PCR.  From ingredient sourcing to packaging selection and a commitment to giving back to important environmental causes, Innersense is setting a standard for how companies can be better.
Earthwise PNWE - runner up 
When it comes to putting the planet first, it’s no surprise that small brands are actually leading the way. Earthwise Beauty and Pacific Northwest Essences, led by Founder Ava Zhan, have shown a dedication to the planet through regenerative ingredient souring, minimal packaging and careful and educational campaigns that give back to environmental causes. By educating their customers on important issues, they have helped the customer become invested and further connected to nature and the planet by helping to ensure it thrives
We are SO excited to announce our new collaboration with an exceptional product photographer @elena_kamphuis . The idea we have chosen for the award photosession is The Earth, by using Brave Ground - the color of the year according to Flexa. She has used the contemporary style of product and still life photography to highlight the finalists.

This series is minimalistic in colors and rich in textures as she took the nature of the North Hampshire as her source of inspiration. It is organic and very 'earthy'. Do you like our new concept? We will be releasing new photos daily at the www.beautyinfluencencenetwork.com


Jeannie Jarnot
Founder and CEO
Beauty-Heroes.com and Spa Heroes
Deanna Utroske
Beauty business editor, thought leader, and on-air commentator
Kelly Kovack
Board Member, Advisor, Strategist, Founder, Beauty Matter
Awards Organiser
Irina Kremin
INNOCOS Beauty Influence Network
“We believe that every business and individuals need to take actions that put the planet first.” – say Irina Kremin, the founder of INNOCOS and Beauty Influence Network. 
“The main goal for this awards - continuing Jeannie Jarnot,  is not only celebrating the business and initiatives that are already making an effort to leave the plant better, but also helping consumers find and support those brands and inspire an industry to do better. We think that when companies see brands making positive decisions for the environment and being recognized for that, it pushes the industry forward and encourages others to take action.”
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