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Beauty and wellness industry innovators will meet in Berlin at the INNOCOS summit to talk about the next evolution of the digital age and how to solve common challenges in beauty. 

What to expect?

  • Spectacular keynotes: Our keynotes are top leaders and experts in the beauty, health and wellbeing.
  • Beauty Technology Startup Pitch : Discover latest technology startups, who make life beauty retailer better! It may also be applicable for other industries, but need to be relevant for beauty, health and wellness. Startup must already have proof of concept.
  • Holobiont audience:  International audience consisting of innovators, founders and beauty industry experts, brands and retailers, beauty tech startups, shaping the future of beauty.
  • SuperFood: Both ketogenic, carnivore and vegan friendly nutrient-danced lunch options, various superfoods, upgraded coffee & tea, so that you can get the most out of the conference.
  • Unique venue: This is not a boring trade show, but a luxury venue with amazing wellness facilities. The 5 stars venue will be announced shortly.
  • Crisp video recording & live stream: If you rather interact with the other guests, immerse yourself in conversation or watch remotely, you will not miss a beat as the video recordings will be all yours.
  • Unforgettable VIP experience: Network with speakers, media and VIPs while enjoying exceptional catering at the Speakers Dinner, VIP goodie bag, and post conference beauty and wellness inspired experiences.
  • Upgraded side-events: Metaverse Workshop, Beach Party, 5 senses of Berlin, Beauty and Wellness Self-Love Experiences. Offsite. Our side-events are simply legendary.

Retail Tech Startup Pitch

Beauty Technology Startup Pitch.

INNOCOS team is holding open casting calls and will narrow down their list of contestants to at least 5 pitches (or more if time will allow). Each Founder/CEO has 3 minutes to introduce their solution and explain how it solves key industry challenges. Our judges will evaluate each technology with pointed questions. The audience and our judges will rate each startup, with a Judges’ Choice and Audience Choice winner announced at the end, who will feature in marketing activity in the run up to the event and in the post-show report.
We invite to apply all Technology Startups who's products or services can bring a new Retail experience in  Beauty, Wellness and Healthcare.  Early-stage startups accepted with POC.
As applications collected, we will recognise technology startups that represent some of the most exciting innovations in/for beauty!  And this panel will be presented at INNOCOS, in person and streamed virtually. 

At the end of each pitch, judges will give scores to each participant based on 3 criteria (customer validation, execution and design, business model validation). These scores will be combined into one winning score and the winner of the pitch will be announced at the end of the event. 
Spotlight finalists will feature in marketing activity in the run up to the event and in the post-conference marketing.

Innovation Hackathon


INNOCOS determines the theme of the hackathon and split the group in teams randomly. The groups/teams consist of industry experts, founders and beauty executives.
The participants work in small groups in a unique environment that encourages creative thinking and leads to surprisingly innovative new concepts, ideas, and prototypes. The result of the hackathon is a finished prototype for an innovative product, service, or business model.

Join us for an interactive breakout session where we will create a challenge board and have an open and candid discussion about the industry. Read more here>>

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Partnership opportunities are available for the INNOCOS summit, Retail Tech Startup Pitch and Leaders of Change Awards. Lets talk!

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